Why I watch RT instead of the MSM

watching the hawksPssst! Want to know a secret? Don’t tell anyone, but I watch RT. Yes, that RT: the “Russian propaganda channel.” Why do I watch it? Well, for one thing, it’s right there alongside the other news channels on my TV. I’m lucky that way. Here in Cambodia, $10 a month gets me a cable network that has truly international coverage. If it weren’t for that, I may never have found RT.

It started one day when I accidentally stumbled across the first season of Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set. It was so refreshing to hear someone saying stuff you never hear on mainstream news (MSM). She dropped out, but I still watch RT news and several regular programs, including:

and a bunch of documentaries that tell sides of the story you never hear on the MSM. The aforementioned programs are all hosted by Westerners. Watching the Hawks is hosted by Tyron Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabitha Wallace. The Big Picture is hosted by Thom Hartmann and Off the Grid is hosted by Jesse Ventura (Tyron’s Dad). Why, you might ask, don’t these people have shows on mainstream TV? Well, it’s not for lack of viewers. RT is the most popular news channel on YouTube, which goes to show that many people are hungry for alternative news coverage. No, it’s because the MSM won’t cover their side of the story. RT is not the only “propaganda” network. The Western media is awash in propaganda and it gets more painfully obvious every day.

I’ve been watching RT for a few years now, so it would take a book to cover everything I’ve learned from the channel. You might ask why I tend to believe what I see on RT over what I see on CNN or the BBC. It’s simple, really. RT backs up its arguments while the others just quote “experts” whose words we’re supposed to uncritically accept.  They will spend 10 minutes on a single story and their correspondent will be on the ground in the area they’re covering. On most MSM channels, you’ll get a minute’s coverage and hearsay.

We’re supposed to believe, for example, that the U.S. is allocating $4.3 billion to NATO to counter “Russian aggression.” RT quite rightly asks, “What aggression?” There has been no sign of Russian aggression while the U.S. and its allies have been insanely aggressive. Turkey has been attacking Kurdish enclaves in Iraq and Syria. Saudi Arabia has been destroying Yemen. Meanwhile, Russia is the only country that has asked permission to fight ISIS (ISIL, Daesch or whatever you want to call it) in Syria and they have been more successful than any other force.

Speaking of mis/disinformation, my jaw dropped when Obama said that Russia was fueling the rise of ISIL in Syria. You don’t need much of a brain to look back and see that ISIL didn’t even exist until after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and, with help from its friends, Libya. All of a sudden we saw shiny new Toyotas in Syria and ISIS was a threat. Of course, the U.S. couldn’t help the suddenly evil “Assad regime” defeat ISIL because the first priority was to get rid of Assad as the U.S. got rid of Hussein and Gaddafi. All of this was virtually spelled out in the Project for a New American Century, but a brainwashed America actually believed the rhetoric. Never mind the fact that Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are not exactly squeaky clean.

The title of a recent documentary on RT sums it up for me. The occupation of the American mind is about Israeli propaganda, but the title sums up America’s weird and extremely dangerous worldview to a tee. We’re marching towards WWIII in goosestep with American propaganda and too many Americans are buying the lines. RT may have an agenda, but at least it presents a saner, more balanced view of the world than the MSM. Rather than marching us towards war, the presenters on RT are trying to prevent war. As far as I’m concerned, that’s more patriotic than the insane rhetoric coming out of Washington and the MSM. Still, I understand we “conspiracy theorists” are being targeted as potential terrorists, even if we don’t have a violent bone in our body. Go figure.