Starving child in Yemen

Trying to make sense out of fake news

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the words of the year. They are post-truth and paranoid. Another term has been making waves recently: fake news. Apparently, fake news is anything that’s not published on the mainstream news. Anything that comes out of Russia is fake news and websites that publish news critical of the establishment are apparently Russian backed and are definitely fake news outlets. I’m trying to make sense out of all the nonsense I’m reading lately. It isn’t easy.

Fake News in Aleppo

I’ll start with Aleppo. According to the MSM, the Syrians and Russians have been killing civilians in Aleppo. When a White House spokesman was asked about the celebrations on the streets of Aleppo, he said he hadn’t seen any. I guess he doesn’t watch RT because they had cameramen on the ground filming the celebrations. Of course, it may have been “fake news.” At least that’s what I’m told to believe.

Then there were the heart-rending videos of people who believed they would be dead before they were able to post another video. The trouble is, there’s been no electricity or internet service in Aleppo for a long time, so how were they able to post their videos? Some alternative sites have suggested they are people who back the “rebels” in Aleppo and were producing fake news to fool a gullible public. But I’m supposed to believe that is fake news, too.

We’re supposed to believe the White Helmets are the good guys in Syria. They’re the ones that go in and rescue children and families caught in the rubble after bombing raids. I read an article by a pastor in Aleppo. He says nobody likes the White Helmets. They are in league with the rebels and just walk away after their photo shoots. That must be fake news, too. He’s probably really a Russian, as is the independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, who says Assad is still popular in Syria. She says most of the people want to get rid of the “moderate rebels” who are supposedly there to liberate the people from the evil tyrant.

Fake News from Yemen and Mosul

Meanwhile, according to a probably “fake news” outlet, over half a million children are starving in Yemen. The MSM isn’t talking about that much. Maybe because it’s fake news or maybe because Saudi Arabia is an ally and they’re using U.S. weapons to pummel Yemen.

Starving child in Yemen: fake news or not?

What else? Oh yeah. I haven’t heard much on Facebook about Mosul, where the Iraqi army and the Americans are trying to liberate the people of that city. There’s probably nothing to report because it’s all going so smoothly with no civilian casualties. Oh, wait a minute. According to, Mosul is “hell on earth.” Food and water are running out. “Some residents blamed the US-led coalition backing Iraqi forces in the assault, saying its warplanes had damaged the main pipeline bringing water from the western side of the city,” the article says.

We shouldn’t talk about that, though. Only the Russians are the bad guys. Maybe we should listen to The Australian, which wrote:

Unlike Aleppo, where Syrian and Russian jets have dropped bombs with scant regard for civilian life, here in Mosul a desire to minimise casualties has protracted the fight and added complexities unforeseen by those who planned the battle.

Hang on. Didn’t the other article say something about U.S. warplanes? That must be fake news.

The Australian article also mentions that jihadists are using drones in Mosul. Nobody mentions where they got the drones. Must be from the Russians or maybe they stole them from moderate rebels in Syria.

So I’m confused. I’m told RT and alternative news sites are publishing fake news. I have a slight problem with that, though. The alternative sites publish convincing stories and back them up with photographic evidence and on-the-ground commentary. Most MSM outlets just publish stories with little to back them up. I guess they don’t have to, though. We’re meant to believe them. The rest of the news is just fake news. And I’m sure Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett is really a Russian with a perfect Canadian accent.