The Curious Case of Dr Kelly Brogan

dr-kelly-broganI stumbled across a YouTube interview with Dr. Kelly Brogan last night. I ended up staying up until about 1:00 a.m. watching more. I wasn’t learning anything I didn’t already suspect was true. I was impressed with her credentials and personal journey.

Dr. Kelly Brogan has all the right credentials. She has a degree in psychiatry from NYU and early in her career, she was a passionate atheist and believer in science. She prescribed medications to her patients without giving it a second thought until she came down with an auto immune disease. Facing a lifetime of medication was the tipping point. She started looking into natural alternatives and learned about:

  • The side effects of the medications she was prescribing
  • The harmful effects of processed foods
  • The things she hadn’t learned in medical school

She changed her diet and healed herself without medication. Then she started practicing a form of kundalini meditation. Today Dr. Brogan is as passionate about alternative medicine as she once was about conventional medicine.

She wrote a book called A Mind of Your Own that became a New York Times bestseller. That was kind of miraculous because the media didn’t cover the book. It was published by Harper Collins, a publishing company that knows something about marketing, but they were actually told by a couple of media outlets that if they reviewed the book, the reviews would have to be negative. Kelly Brogan was bucking the system and that was a no-no.

The Curious Case of Dr. Kelly Brogan

I don’t want to speak for Dr. Kelly Brogan. She does that well enough herself, so have a look at the video I’ve embedded below. As I mentioned above, I didn’t learn anything new from her, but was fascinated by her and couldn’t stop watching her interviews. She’s an “all-American” girl who is attractive, well-groomed and smart. She believed in the medical system until she had a life-changing experience.

College drop-outs and weirdos like me aren’t going to put a dent in the minds of people who firmly believe in the wonders of psychiatric medicines. Kelly Brogan seems to have the potential to help break through the bubble of misinformation Americans live in. I highly recommend her short article, Psychiatry and Organized Crime. She writes:

It is dangerous to be certain, let alone so aggressively and dismissively certain about science, which, by definition is a process rather than a destination.

I’ve had an interest in psychiatry since my sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia back in the late 1960s. She went to a psychiatrist at UCLA who, in my opinion, did her no good whatsoever. That was before the days of the latest round of drugs that supposedly treat psychiatric disorders. Later in the article, Brogan writes:

Psychiatry, in particular, has trafficked in proclamation-based medicine, and is fast become the proving ground for corporate interests. With no objective tests preceding diagnosis and prescription of habit-forming medications, the field of psychiatry is a bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry.

We were shocked when Martin Shkreli bumped up the price of a life saving drug by 5000 percent. He became the most hated man in America. Well, he’s not alone. Another drug company CEO, J. Michael Pearson, has come out and said, “My primary responsibility is to Valeant shareholders.” The company’s stock plummeted 27 percent after the announcement of an investigation into the company by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

I mentioned the case of a Cambodian woman who was “possessed” on Facebook. She was cured within a matter of weeks by “witch doctors” as we in the West would call Shamanic healers. Someone responded: “It was just the placebo effect.” I wrote back: “Maybe, but so what? It worked. That’s what counts.” This is what Dr. Brogan has to say about the placebo effect:


People like Dr. Kelly Brogan and public outcry over the obscene cost of medical care in the United States give me hope. We seem to be reaching a tipping point. Out of control capitalism, environmental destruction and corruption in high places is impossible to ignore. When we have insiders switching sides, it may be the beginning of a non-violent revolution the world desperately needs.