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Serendipity Road: Between Heaven and Hell

“Between heaven and hell” is the subtitle of my book, Serendipity Road. I chose it for a reason. We all have our myths. Mine is that life on earth lies directly between heaven and hell. Every day, we have choices to make. The real importance of those choices is not in their results but in which direction they take us.

What is hell? Most people would say hell was a place of eternal torment. Take a closer look at paintings of hell and you’ll see some of its inhabitants are quite happy there. They enjoy tormenting others. Rape, torture and other hellish activities are a pleasure for them.

some prefer hell to heaven

What is heaven? Muslims are unpopular in Christian circles and there are a lot of jokes going around about how Muslim men look forward to dying and being introduced to virgins in heaven. That’s not an unheard of concept in Christianity, either, as this painting by Andrea Casali (circa 1740-1765) shows.


Every faith has different beliefs, but they all seem to depict the colours of hell as dark, heavy and hot. The colours of heaven are bright and cool. That’s kind of interesting when you compare those colours to the colours of the chakras.

heart chakra stands between heaven and hell

The lower chakras are of darker hues than the higher chakras. The three lower chakras are primarily of the body. The three highest chakras are primarily of the spirit. The heart chakra is in the middle and it can be open or closed depending on which chakras your consciousness is dwelling in.

All of the chakras should be active, but the heart chakra should mediate between the higher chakras and the lower ones. When the heart chakra is closed, the three lower chakras become tools of the ego. In Western psychological parlance, we become sociopaths or psychopaths.

Of course, there are different theories about the chakras, but now you know mine. Like I said, “We all have our myths.” You’re welcome to yours, but please try to recognise that others have theirs, too. Indigenous tribes never tried to force their myths down others’ throats. We shouldn’t, either.

Between Heaven and Hell

Hell is the ego and all its planning and scheming. It includes obviously evil deeds, but also includes worry, stress and other negative emotions. Hell is dark and dense. You can enjoy it if you’re on the winning side and like using others to fulfill your desires. You don’t enjoy it if you’re on the losing side and are the one being used. In hell, you’re in a hot place where you are never satisfied for long. You’re trapped in your body and if it isn’t always being stimulated, you’re unhappy.

Heaven is light and airy and like you’re an angel with wings. In heaven, your consciousness expands beyond the shell of your body. There’s no such thing as unhappiness in heaven. How can there be when you’re no longer wrapped up in your selfish fears and desires?

I wrote my book spontaneously, without thinking about what I was going to write in each chapter. I was fascinated by what came out. It was only later that I noticed the theme that was emerging. The primary theme was the intervention of fate (my personal goddess Serendipity) in my life, but I was also writing about my journeys between heaven and hell.

between heaven and hell

In my mythological world, the heart chakra stands between heaven and hell. The heart chakra is green. It is connected to the natural world. Life in the city is mechanical. Buildings have sharp, geometrical shapes and clash with the marvelous diversity of nature, where no two trees are exactly alike. Order and reason dominate in the city. In nature, everything flows with the environment.

You don’t see any images of nature in paintings of hell.


The weird thing is that our culture seems to lean towards the hellish side of life. We flock to the cities to find jobs and end up as slaves working in unnatural environments. We’re happy when we get a new toy, but quickly need a replacement for it and go into debt to keep up with our neighbours. That’s exactly what our masters want us to do. They enjoy profiting at our expense.

i slip into hell like anyone else, but I don’t know why. Heaven is so much better.

  • Richard

    Interestingly Buddhism partially shares your view of Earth, heaven and hell.
    The human realm is above animals, hungry ghosts (evil spirits) and hell but below demi gods and gods.
    Fortunately for us, the human realm is where we can make the greatest Spiritual progress, largely because suffering goads us.
    And it’s here where we have the wonderful opportunity to break out of seemingly never ending cycling between lives in different realms and attain liberation from all future rebirths.

    I’m definitely very happy to be going for it.
    And I’m equally happy to learn that you are too Rob.