The Girl with Tiger’s Eyes

I’ve just published The Girl with Tiger’s Eyes. It’s a short version of Serendipity Road. Serendipity Road is about 97,000 words long. This one is only 18,000 words. I’m offering it for free in hopes it will generate some interest in my other book. You can get it in several formats HERE.

The Girl with Tiger’s Eyes is more like I originally intended my other book to be. It’s more of a biography than Serendipity Road, which turned out to be a memoir and a biography. I loved writing it and it taught me things about my life I hadn’t really realized. To be more specific, as I wrote it spontaneously, I realized how often fate had interceded in my life. This happened in spite of my plans, which rarely came to fruition.

That said, I did take advantage of fate when it interceded in my life. Things happened randomly and unexpectedly. For example, I never intended to move to San Francisco, Australia or Cambodia, but fate took me to all those places. Freelance writing was a hobby until I started doing it in Cambodia. Now it’s my main source of income. Thankfully, it has been working out well.

Serendipity Road was a long project spanning about two years. I wrote the first 6000 words of The Girl with Tiger’s Eyes in one sitting. The other 11,000 words came in shorter bursts, but I finished it within a month. As I always do, I sent a copy to Penny Sisto for review. This is what she had to say about it:

Dear Rob, Well done! It is a smooth and a delightful read.
Tt is concise..It reads like a joyful poem, light, musical, lyrical, fascinating ..
I meant to read a passage or two and in a flash had finished it..SPLENDID!
That was enough for me to publish it. For a short time, it was at the top of Smashwords free books list. They publish so many books, I don’t think it will stay there for long.
So if you haven’t read Serendipity Road, you might want to try this version. It’s a quick read and covers Sopheak’s life. Since we have been together over 10 years, I also play a role in the book, but I haven’t delved into my past as much as I did in the other book. Once again, you can get a copy of The Girl with Tiger’s Eyes here.