7 Sources for Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Gig Poster

I never intended this to be a blog for freelance writers, but that’s what I do and a couple of my posts struck a chord with readers. One in particular, A Tale of 2 Christmas Freelance Writing Assignments, generated quite a bit of interest. The gist of the blog was to not sell yourself short by accepting one or two cent per word gigs on bidding sites like Elance and Odesk (which have merged, by the way). So where do you find better paying jobs? Frankly, I’ve gotten most of mine through referrals, but freelance writers I know have had luck on some of these:

  1. Blogging Pro Job Listings have some solid leads.
  2. Freelance Writing Gigs lists Craigslist writing jobs. I’m only adding it because it is a popular site and they do seem to filter the leads. Be careful with Craigslist, though. There are a lot of scammers on it. That said, a friend of mine got his first well-paying, steady client there.
  3. Media Bistro has tons of job listings. A lot of them are for writers in U.S. localities, but not all. Worth a look, especially if you’re U.S. based.
  4. Freelance Writing’s Morning Coffee Newsletter sends daily job alerts to subscribers.
  5. ProBlogger Job Board has tones of quality listings. It has tons of freelance writers looking at the listings, too, but who knows? You might be just who someone is looking for.
  6. The Ultimate List of Better Paid Blogging Gigs is one of those teasers to sign up for a newsletter. I fell for it and it did have some good listings and all 64 pay at least $50. I never tried any because by then I didn’t need to go chasing after work. I kind of think chasing one-off assignments is a waste of time anyway. On the other hand, I’ve been writing for a client for four years after taking a “one-off” assignment from them, so who knows? It can’t hurt to try.
  7. A friend of mine swears by Write Jobs. He’s gotten a few quality ongoing assignments through this job board. I was put off by some of the low paying job listings, but he told me he just ignored them and told them what his rates were. True, he only lands about one out of ten, but if you ask a decent rate on Elance, you won’t do that well.

Good luck finding those freelance writing gigs!