Has Christianity Devolved Over the Centuries?

Has Christianity devolved over the centuries? I think it has. I started thinking about i recently when I read three sickening articles about pedophilia in the Catholic Church. The first one was about Cardinal Pell being ordered to face a court in Australia over “historical sexual assault offences.” The others were more explicit and I could hardly read them, they were so horrific.

Then I stumbled across an article titled, According to Science, This is What Jesus Would Actually Look Like. Forensic anthropologist Richard Neave created this likeness of Jesus from three skulls from archaeological  sites near where Jesus was born. He used x-ray and ultrasound techniques to construct his face. This is what he came up with:

Kind of hard to imagine millions of Christians worshiping someone who looks so normal and so Arabic. If he turned up in America today, he would be deported. If he started preaching, Christians would probably stone him or at least throw fruit at him.

The image of Jesus the West has come up with is clearly a white European. He wearing bright white clothes and sometimes even has blondish hair. It’s an image that’s so ingrained in our consciousness, many Christians believe Jesus was white. As the article cited above says, quoting Megyn Kelly, “Jesus was a white man, too.” This is the Jesus most Christians worship (or a similar likeness):

That may be more palatable to Western Christians, but it’s misleading. Even the New Testament doesn’t say he emigrated from Europe. He was born in a stable in what is now called Israel. He was an Arabic Jew. Long hair wasn’t the fashion of the day and it’s doubtful someone bleached his clothes for him to make them sparkling white.

Then there is the issue of the gospels. I counted 11 additional gospels (called apocrypha) on Wikipedia plus several other fragments and “infancy” gospels. I’ve read two of them, The Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary. I tried reading Christian apologists telling why only four gospels are “canonical,” but their arguments didn’t ring true. Basically, the four gospels we have today are designed to make us idolize Jesus. Granted, they contain the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes, but the gist of it is, “Worship Jesus and you will be saved.” Following his teachings is not necessary.

It’s just may opinion, but I think Christianity has devolved into idolatry. How else can you explain why Raping Children is Religious Freedom for Pedophile Priests? I’m not picking on Catholics only. There have been plenty of scandals in other churches, too. Then there are the Christians who think it is their duty to kill all Muslims. Didn’t they read Jesus’ words: “Love your enemies”?

When I was in India, two Hindu gurus told me to worship Jesus. I argued with one of them. I told him Christianity was corrupt. He told me Hinduism was, too, but I should separate the wheat from the chaff and read the New Testament. I did the following year and was blown away by the words of Jesus. What he preached was so very different from what Christians practiced. He even told his disciples to be like the birds of the air, “who do not sow or reap; nor store in barns.” I might be paraphrasing there, but that’s the gist of it. Christians today work their whole lives to get a home and a pension. If they followed the teachings of their “savior,” they would do as he taught and take life a day at a time.

I think we would be better off listening to the words of a poor Arabic man who wasn’t particularly good looking. Maybe then we would listen to his teachings instead of idol worshiping him. His words ring true even today. They may not be easy to follow, but they have the ring of authentic spirituality, not idolatry.


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  1. All great religions begin out of the pure work of a world changing individual. After that they devolve until they become irrelevant and disappear.

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