The Best Brainwave Entrainment Products

6 April 2014: This page appears on two of my discontinued blogs and is one of the top 5 read posts on each of them.

I don’t take calling anything “the best” lightly. In many cases, what’s best for me may not be best for you. I can say with confidence, though, that Transparent Corp. produces the best brainwave entrainment software programs on the market.

brain waves in action
Brainwave entrainment programs alter your brainwave patterns to alter your state of consciousness

I’ve tried other brainwave entrainment products, but in each case I discovered that the people who put their packages together did very little research beyond what was necessary to create a program that suited their narrow marketing agenda. For example, the first brainwave entrainment (bwe) program I purchased was an expensive binaural beats meditation program. The marketing materials that convinced me to purchase it led me to believe binaural beat brainwave entrainment software was the most effective and that delta brain waves were “where it’s at.” In fact, neither of those contentions is scientifically accurate, but they suited the company’s marketing campaign.

When I discovered Transparent Corp., I learned that isochronic tones could be just as or more effective than binaural beats and that the way the beats were arranged in a track can make the difference between its effectiveness and ineffectiveness for different individuals. Have a look at this session list on Neuro-Programmer 3 (NP3) and you can see a small sampling of the bwe sessions available on the program.

brainwave entrainment categories

The list is so long, I was only able to fit a few into my screenshot, but there are dozens more for alpha, theta and delta brain waves, as well as Schuman resonance and other meditative states. In all, there are 44 tracks for meditation/relaxation alone on NP3, but meditation just scratches the surface of all that’s available on the program. The full list includes:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Athletic performance
  • Cognition
  • Energy
  • General brainwaves
  • Headaches
  • Healing
  • Meditation
  • Mood
  • Self-programming
  • Sleep
  • Studying and learning

NP3 logoI won’t go into the nuts and bolts of how NP3 works, because Transparent Corp has already done it with their Beginner’s Guide. What I do want to stress, though, is that you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it that NP3 works, because you can download Neuro-Programmer 3 for free and try it for 2 weeks. No credit card is even required. The program will simply stop working after 2 weeks if you don’t purchase it. Two versions are available. The regular edition contains 120 tracks and as of this writing costs $59.99 or for just $89.99, you can choose the “ultimate edition” that includes session editing and creation tools.

Other Transparent Corp Brainwave Entrainment Software Programs

Transparent Corp offers a range of other incredible products. Just a few of them include these:

Mind WorkStation for creating brainwave entrainment tracks and moreHave you ever wondered how all those brainwave entrainment products were created? Most of them were created using Transparent Corp’s Mind WorkStation. Called the “all-in-one toolset for brainwave entrainment,” Mind WorkStation enables you to create brainwave entrainment tracks from scratch and even integrates with biofeedback and EEG devices. There’s no better testimonial for Transparent Corp than the fact that thousands of therapists, neurofeedback practitioners, researchers and product developers have Mind WorkStation as an essential part of their brainwave technology toolkit.

Mind StereoMind Stereo is a program for music lovers. In many ways, it works just like an ordinary media player, but that’s where the similarity ends. While the music and visualizations play, Mind Stereo subtly modifies the audio and visual patterns with brainwave entrainment to alter the neural activity in your brain. Use Mind Stereo for relaxation, meditation or to enhance energy, concentration or creativity. Sound intriguing? Download Mind Stereo and try it for free (no credit card required) for 2 weeks.


Thought Sounds 1: Ambient SoundscapesThought Sounds 1: Ambient Soundscapes contains 70 royalty-free soundtracks plus 66 variations designed for profoundly deep relaxation. Depending on your mood, you can choose between a variety of ethnic, spiritual, primordial or nature soundtracks. If you have NP3 Ultimate edition, you can even add brainwave entrainment tracks to them for even deeper relaxation and meditation. Sorry, you can’t download this one and try it for free, but you can download sample tracks and see how you like it.


Thought Sounds 2: FocusThought Sounds 2: Focus is a large collection of soundtracks engineered to help you focus and concentrate while studying or working. All of the tracks in this package are original compositions created by professional composer Andrew Foust designed to work with or without added bwe tracks. While the tracks are designed to engage and stimulate the mind, they are also designed to remain in the background of your attention and not distract you from the work at hand as most music does. Sound interesting? Download twelve 25 second sample tracks and see how you like them.


Beyond Being Deep Meditation Brainwave Entrainment ProgramBeyond Being is a collection of audio tracks designed for those who want to experience deep states of relaxation or even altered states of consciousness. The tracks are based on research that has pinpointed brainwave states associated with deep meditation, emotional detachment, spiritual experiences, lucid dreaming and other deep states of consciousness. Unlike producers of similar programs, Transparent Corp does not guarantee that by listening to these tracks, you will have an out of body experience or lucid dream, since some people seem to experience these states more readily than others. They do guarantee, though, that Beyond Being will help you relax, “give you a wild mental ‘ride’ and will be a lot of fun.”



But Wait! There’s More!

I’ve always wanted to use that line and now is my chance, because there are plenty more Transparent Corp brainwave entrainment products to choose from. If you become a brainwave entrainment music fanatic, you can buy the Power User Bundle (NP3 Ultimate, Mind Stereo), the Relaxation Audio Bundle (NP3 Ultimate and Thought Sounds 1) and/or the Focus Bundle (NP3 Ultimate and Thought Sounds 2).

That’s not the end of the list, either. Transparent Corp has even more specials and bundled deals to choose from and if you want to use their products professionally, look into their Transparent Commercial Network (TCN) program.

So there you have it. See why I’m confident that Transparent Corp offers the best brainwave entrainment software programs on the market? When you add them all up, they’re the cheapest bwe programs on the market, too. Since you can try their most popular programs for free, how could you possibly go wrong? Click any link above and it will take you to an affiliate link. If you then purchase a Transparent Corp product, I’ll get a commission. Thanks!