A Brainwave Entrainment Primer

brainwave entrainmentI could save myself a lot of typing by simply copying and pasting this great article explaining how Transparent Corporation’s Brainwave Entrainment Software works. Instead, I’ll quickly outline it in my own words and pinch a few illustrations from the article, but if you’re new to bwe, I encourage you to read their article and continue on to some of the links within it. In my opinion, Transparent Corp knows more about the subject than anyone else and their software is the best value on the market. They may not be as sexy as the others, but they know what they’re doing.

Brainwave Entrainment from a Surfer’s Perspective

I’m kind of proud of the fact that the concept of brainwaves as carriers of consciousness occurred to me long before I knew what brainwave entrainment was. It happened while I was sitting out in the water waiting for a wave. Two things came to mind as a small wave passed underneath me:

  1. The actual wave was composed of pure energy. As the energy ‘wave’ or ‘pulse’ passed through the water, it caused the water to swell, giving the illusion that a wave of water was travelling across the sea.
  2. Brainwaves are waves of electromagnetic energy. Their only tangible substance comes from the consciousness that ‘rides’ them like a surfer rides a wave.

Those two thoughts gave rise to an entire novel in which I explored what might happen after a near death experience, when one ‘flatlines’ and experiences no brainwave activity at all. Soul Surfer was a pretty terrible novel, but writing it was a great experience. But I digress.

When we’re wide awake, we ride waves of relatively fast ‘beta’ brainwaves. When we daydream, meditate or start to fall off to sleep, we experience ‘alpha’ brainwaves and corresponding changes in perception (often a switch from verbal thinking to imaginative or pictorial thinking). ‘Theta’ brainwaves take us deeper still, into the realm of dreams and lucid dreams. Most of us don’t experience anything at all when we’re in the slow delta state, which is associated with deep, dreamless sleep, but with luck or practice, we can experience waking deep sleep.

Brainwave entrainment is a lot like surfing. An audio or visual stimulus comes to us from outside and our brains respond by picking up on the frequency and recreating it through a mechanism called the frequency following response. In turn, our consciousness ‘rides’ the brainwave frequency created by this response.

kelly slaterAny surfer can tell you that the downside of surfing is that the waves you want to ride aren’t always available. Wave pools were invented in order to create surfing waves of different sizes when nature lets us down. Brainwave entrainment software is a lot like that. You can pick and choose the types of brainwaves you want to ‘surf’ just by picking a track that matches that frequency.

Brainwave Entrainment Software
Now for my pitch: I’ve been using Transparent Corporation’s bwe products for years, ever since I realised I had been suckered by the biggest name in binaural beats. In that time, I’ve seen the company go from strength to strength in its own quiet way, while other more faddish bwe products have faded away. A relative newcomer to the Transparent product line is their Beyond Being meditation audio collection. If you click the link, you’ll be taken to the product description page. If you’re like me, it will be a refreshing experience. Instead of promising you an instant out-of-body experience, it will tell you that:

Most people come to this page hoping to have an out-of-body experience (OOBE), although that is not the sole purpose of this collection. No CD (or any other product) can guarantee that you will have an OOBE. In our experience, some people are more susceptible to them than others. That said, we continually receive reports from people who have experienced their first OOBEs or lucid dreams while using the Beyond Being collection.

The text goes on to say that OOBE or not, it “will give you a wild mental ‘ride’ and will be a lot of fun.” Go on, give Transparent Corp a try. In the interests of ‘transparency,’ yes, I have an affiliate relationship with them and will receive a commission if you buy their products. Thanks in advance.